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Be a Hero



Piece by Piece






Cook for África



Help the Forest



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Be a hero

In collaboration with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Today is not a normal day, and you can help make it different! We invite you to participate in a beautiful solidarity project, making a change for the children hospitalized in the oncology unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona. 

All participants will be invited to contribute to a workshop that will bring a little joy and hope to the little heroes of the hospital who are fighting against different types of diseases.
Participants will join a superhero costume workshop, where they will create superhero capes, masks and cuffs with the help of sewing professionals. 
The group will be divided into different teams. Each team will have to create 3 superhero costumes. The activity will be followed by the official donation of the costumes at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu.

Piece by piece

In collaboration with the Red Cross.

This Corporate Social Responsibility activity consists of building bicycles for children at risk of social exclusion. 


Divided into teams, each participant will contribute to the cause by assembling, screwing, counting or supporting their teammates. Every part counts, so make sure you don’t lose any. 


The aim of this responsible event is to increase the motivation of the participants, while seeking to make a real contribution to the social and cultural environment in which we find ourselves.


  • Phase 0: Presentation of the activity and presentation by the director of the recipient institution (NGO).
  • Phase 1: Division of the group and presentation of the challenges that each group will have to pass in order to obtain the necessary vouchers and exchange them for the parts to assemble the bicycle.
  • Phase 2: Design and creation of the bicycles.
  • Phase 3: Acknowledgement of the donation, farewell and closing session by the selected NGO, the Red Cross.


In collaboration with the Food Bank.

This is a CSR team building activity that will challenge the team’s creativity and ability to produce results quickly.

They will design and build a sculpture with cans of different sizes and colours. All the cans used to create the artwork will be donated to the local Food Bank, who will then deliver them to low-income families, having a crucial impact on their team and the city. 

Hunger is a global problem, where many people do not have enough money to make ends meet. Despite economic growth, poverty and hunger in Spain continue to affect millions of people, especially now due to the situation created by the coronavirus. 

The goal of this activity is to raise awareness about food insecurity and work to fight local hunger… by being creative, competitive and fun! Working in teams, participants compete to win food. 

Once they have the cans in their kit, they must create their sculpture by using the materials they have gained and a theme that we will provide them with. 

With this corporate social responsibility activity, we are helping to achieve Goal 2, Zero Hunger, of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda.


  • Challenge: Each team will have a scroll that will reveal a riddle. The aim is to decipher the riddle to obtain a word that will open a cryptex that contains a pentagram inside, and which will reveal the figure they have to reproduce.
  • Construction: it is time to get down to work, and each team must recreate the assigned figure with their cans.
  • Validation: we will check that the construction is well done in terms of similarity to the original and robustness, i.e. it should have a good base and not fall down.
  • NGO delivery: we will proceed to deliver the material to the selected NGO, with the thanks of the Food Bank manager.

Cook for África

In collaboratrion with the NGO – Educo.

As a group, participants will learn to cook African dishes with a beautiful goal: to help children in Burkina Faso to fight malnutrition.

Through this activity, the group will raise awareness of the problems found in these places and will learn to cook typical African dishes with their team, in a fun and different way.

Malnutrition is one of the biggest problems in Burkina Faso and kills thousands of children every year.

Through this fantastic activity, you will help the NGO Educo to fight against child malnutrition in Burkina Faso.

Skills that will allow you to develop this activity:

  • GROUP COHESION: good team cohesion reinforces the global project in which the company works. This is where the social aspect of welfare comes into play.
  • COMMUNICATION: internal communication plays an essential role in disseminating the company’s culture. It allows all employees to be involved at a professional level.
  • CREATIVITY: creativity is a determining factor that distinguishes a company from its competitors. It is even more important if the company’s area of activity is considered overloaded or even mature.

Help the forest

In collaboration with the Reforesta Association.

To carry out this type of action, we are looking for environmental restoration projects, carried out by nature conservation organizations. In this way, we ensure that the action has a real and necessary eco-friendly and environmental meaning for our natural heritage.

How do we do it?

  • To achieve this, we will collaborate with the Xarxa Custòdia del Territori (XCT), an organization that manages and links the environmental projects of organizations with private owners and public agencies to improve the conservation of natural heritage.
  • In this activity, participants divided into groups will be challenged to plant a tree in a pot to be donated to a nature conservation organization that will replant it in the conservation zone within their area of action.
  • To achieve the challenge, a 30–40-minute activity is proposed, during which the participants will learn about the objective of the organization, the reason for planting this type of species and the conservation project the plantation forms part of.

Activity phases

Presentation of the activity:

    • Phase 1: Positioning and orientation: with a map in hand, present all the specimens and imagine what the space will become.
    • Phase 2. Get planting: this is the time to plant the tree, in a specially prepared hole with nutrients available so that the tree can begin to grow.

The end of the activity: 

We will discuss the care of the planted specimens and make proposals to give continuity to the project over time. Space to work on the results of teamwork, strengths and points to be further enhanced.

* Duration from 3-6 hours, depending on the size of the group*


  • Teamwork
  • Environmentally responsible activity.
  • Entertainment and fun


  • Tools and materials to be used during the activity.
  • Materials for planting according to the number of participants and facilities available.
  • Carefully selected trees and shrubs.
  • Special organic substrates and fertilizers for planting.


In collaboration with the League for the protection of animals.

This activity combines the collaboration of group solidarity and the opportunity for your team to help animal shelters overwhelmed by the number of animals that are abandoned each day.

Teams will begin by participating in a series of animal-themed games to collect the different parts. Through this corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity, participants will develop vital team skills such as leadership, communication, delegation and problem solving.

In this CSR activity, we will provide you with all the materials and tools for the construction of dog kennels.

Dynamics of the activity

1. Briefing:

The briefing explains the social cause of the activity and how the joint work of the participants will have a social impact.

2. Materials:

Playing simple games to obtain the materials.

3. Assembly:

Through teamwork, they will assemble and decorate the shelters.


At the end of the activity, a representative of the chosen animal protection organization or association will come to pick up the kennels and thank you for the donation.

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