Plain Concept


Singularity Tech Day




Plain Concept is a technology company founded in 2006, which was awarded by Microsoft’s 4 MVP programme. It is also one of Microsoft’s most important suppliers. Its team is made up of people who are passionate about technology.

The company provides complete development and design of digital products from start to finish, as well as consulting services.

Plain Concept contacted us to organise the company’s first congress in Barcelona. The challenge was to find a space with the following characteristics:

• A plenary room for 500 people

• A breakout room for 250 people

• A common space for F&B requirements.

The experience

At Be. we got down to work and, following an intensive search, we found the ideal place to hold the Congress.

It was the Hotel AC Forum, recently renovated and with a modern aesthetic that fit very well with the concept of the event.

From very early in the morning, our team managed the accreditation of the attendees, the welcome coffee break, the audiovisuals in both rooms, the signage, the exhibitors’ area, the speakers, the subsequent buffet lunch and the closing, well into the afternoon.

A great attendance success with a great approval rating!