Reckitt Benckiser


Christmas themed dinner




Reckitt Benckiser contacted us to organise their annual Christmas dinner. This year they wanted to end 2019 in a unique way.

Reckitt employees have a tradition of getting together every Christmas to celebrate the holidays, but this year was truly magical.

It had to be an event aimed at all the company’s employees, with the objective of providing them with an unforgettable experience and reinforcing the company’s values.

The attendees and participants felt very comfortable and involved in the festive day. We were able to enhance the social and emotional bonds between the attendees and the brand.

The experience

Before dinner we organised an original team building activity, in which each participant formed an important part of an ambitious project: shooting the new commercial for the chosen brand.

To this end, all participants became directors, actors and technical staff, each with a different role for a day.

As in any film, teamwork was essential to achieve a great final result.

After the activity, each team handed over the iPads and roadbooks that they had completed to the organisation, and the videos were edited while the participants enjoyed dinner.

The attendees were able to enjoy a gala menu with a Christmas twist.

After dinner we watched the Oscars Gala, where 3 different teams won the Oscars for best original screenplay, best staging and best production.

The winning teams came out to collect their personalised Oscars on stage where, it goes without saying, there was no shortage of red carpet.